Commerce as ‘total social fact’ : Fair trade practices in Dili

Titre Commerce as ‘total social fact’ : Fair trade practices in Dili
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Date 2020
Pagination 11 p.
Notes Chapitre V de l'ouvrage “Performing Mondernities : Pedagogies and technologies in the making of contemporary Timor-Leste” publié par l' Associação Brasileira de Antropologia, pages 128-149
Résumé “This chapter considers strategies for commercializing artifacts aimed at empowering vulnerable populations in Timor-Leste by analyzing the narratives accompanying such practices. We discuss the form and content of shops, product-information folders and labels in order to understand the moralities, meanings and effects that are attributed to buying and selling in particular contexts. We argue that these marketing strategies can potentially turn acts of buying into explicit ‘total social facts’ (Mauss 2003),5by articulating the effects of justice, power, identification, and so on. Moreover, we suggest that narratives introducing artifacts are apparatuses for ascribing their purchase in at least two simultaneous exchange regimes: one based on the market, the other on the gift. The chapter describes the mediations through which such effects are produced.”
Localisation DILI

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