Fairtrade Towns as Unconventional Networks of Ethical Activism

Titre Fairtrade Towns as Unconventional Networks of Ethical Activism
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Date 2016
Pagination 18 p.
Notes Springer - Original paper – J Bus Ethics,
Résumé Abstract : «The growing availability and consumption ofFairtrade products is recognised as one of the most wide-spread ethically inspired market developments, and as anexample of activist-driven change within the wider mar-keting system. The Fairtrade Towns movement, nowoperating in over 1700 towns and cities globally, representsa comparatively recent extension of Fairtrade marketingdriven by local activists seeking to promote positivechange in production and consumption systems. This paperbriefly explores the conventional framing of the role thatethically related activism plays in the operation of marketsand in influencing market participants. It then presents keyinsights gathered from a grounded theory exploration ofFairtrade Towns as activist-driven marketing systems,revealing the atypical nature of the activism involved. Thefindings demonstrate how local activists leverage theirsocial networks to exert pressure and generate support topromote ethical consumption. The study suggests thatFairtrade Towns offer a new role for activists as Fairtradeitself becomes more mainstream, and considers the rolethey are fulfilling as ‘informal’ local marketers. The mar-keting dynamics revealed represent a complex and dis-tinctive form of relational activism that seeks to buildFairtrade markets and highlight their positive benefits, withpotential lessons for other local ethical market-buildingefforts in future. »

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