Sustainable Consumerism in the Eyes of the Egyptian Generation Z

Titre Sustainable Consumerism in the Eyes of the Egyptian Generation Z
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Auteur KHALIL, Salma
Date 2020
Pagination 62 p.
Notes Travail universitaire - Université américaine du Caire
Résumé Abstract : Sustainable Consumerismis a topic that is still being explored and developedacross nations and countries. With the rising challenges of sustainable development, corporate sustainability maintains its position as being extremely challenging and difficult to achieve. Moreover, the new generation of consumers and the world’s future leaders –generation Z –have their characteristics and expectations that are expected to change the whole industrial scene toachieve sustainable development. Meanwhile, Egyptian generation Z remains unexplored and ambiguous. This study aimsat studying the behavioral aspects of Egyptian generation Z, their consumerism, ecological consciousness, and corporate expectations.It adoptsqualitative methodsusing in-depth semi-structured interviews with a selected sample of participants representing the intended target segment.The study findingsare represented in a framework showingfour layers of sustainability: awareness, motivation, action,and advocacy, with implications on the consumer, government, and private sector

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