Will Consumption of Indian Handicrafts Endure ?

Titre Will Consumption of Indian Handicrafts Endure ?
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Titre du périodique Indian Journal of Research
Date 2017
Pagination 5 p.
Résumé Purpose : "This article examines the survival probability of Indian handicrafts in the face of globalization and the artisans' descendants exiting this industry for other new-age professions. Approach/Research Methodology: Literature has been reviewed and important theories behind consumption of handicrafts examined and a theoretical framework that explains the survival potential of handicrafts presented. Findings: Handicrafts are one of the means of the community to display its values and spiritualities. They give a social and cultural identity; this has been handed down through generations. A 'true blue' handicraft is characterized by singularity which, in turn, comprises (1) uniqueness, (2) rarity, and (3) extraordinariness. Singularity comes from design intensity. Design cannot be minimal. The handicrafts of such minimal design are doomed to die. This article sets out to argue that (a) culture, (b) taste, ( c) personal values and ( d) ancestral and identity motives in conjunction with singularity of product have the potential to restrain the globalization forces from consumers' withdrawal of patronage for handicrafts."

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