26-28 juin 2018 : FTIS Porstmouth

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26-28 juin 2018

FTIS 2018 : Portsmouth

The FTIS Steering Committee are delighted to announce that the 6th Fair Trade International Symposium will be held in Portsmouth 26-28 June 2018. 

Fair Trade and the SDGs : Investigating the fairness of sustainable development
The aim of the conference is to investigate the ethics and practice of fairness that constitute the processes, goals and indicators of sustainable development.
We encourage researchers and practitioners to use the SDGs, in particular the nine identified below, as a lens to explore and assess Fair Trade’s contribution to date and potential to support a global agenda towards sustainable development.
This list is indicative of some of the topics and questions that we consider will be of interest to Fair Trade scholars and stakeholders – however, we also encourage papers that explore alternative approaches and new perspectives on SDGs beyond those identified here.