Measuring preferences and willingness to pay for sustainability labels in olive oil : Evidence from Spanish consumers

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Date de publication 2017/08
Pagination 14 p.
Notes Intervention lors du Congrès « Towards Sustainable Agrifood Systems - Balancing Between Markets and Society », août 2017, 14 p.
Résumé Abstract : «To satisfy increasing social demand for sustainability in agriculture, policy makers and the agrifood sector should consider consumer preferences for food sustainability labels. This paper assesses consumers‟ preferences and willingness to pay (WTP) for olive oil with sustainability labels in Spain using Choice Experiment. A face – to - face survey was conducted to 250 Spanish consumers. A Multinomial and a Random Parameter Logit models were estimated. Results suggest that consumers‟ utilities regarding the sustainability labels are positive. This entails that these labels significantly increase the probability of purchase by consumers. The results also reveal that the highest WTP is for the Organic label.»

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